We are looking for skilled specialists
We are developing and selling highly sought IT products (birank and
Career advancement for us is not barely in word (all heads of departments and sections are former minor staff members)
We offer flexible workday start and finish, without overtime


Information technology center “Deltaincom” is, first of all, a close-knit team of high-skilled experts with high work experience in various spheres of science, engineering, technology and business, including Candidates of Science as well. We focus on production, sales of products and service rendering in the sphere of information technology (IT). Moreover, field of IT application does not have crucial significance for us: we are ready to solve your problems and tasks with the help of IT regardless of your practice area. Among our customers there are a great number of famous and credible organizations. Each of them has own specific feature. However, we successfully managed to solve their various tasks, so we will be able to solve yours as well. Among a great number of own developments by “Deltaincom” information technology center (CIT “Deltaincom”) there is information system “Deltabezopasnost” designed to decisions making for the purpose of economic security in a user-company.