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We will not discuss obvious advantages of new information technology implementation in your enterprise at length. We simply have definite receipts for cost saving, profit making and operating efficiency enhancement for your company.

“Deltaincom” information technology center is:

First of all, a close-knit team of high-skilled experts with high work experience in various spheres of science, engineering, technology and business, including Candidates of Science as well. We focus on production, sales of products and service rendering in the sphere of information technology (IT). Our main activity is information systems developing that help people make right decisions on expediency or inexpediency of making deals with prospective or current customers, suppliers and partners.

Among our customers there are thousands of famous and credible organizations. We have been developing our customer base since 2008 now. Each of our customers has own specific feature. Nevertheless, we successfully managed to solve various tasks of each of them, so we will be able to solve yours as well.

Among a great number of own developments by “Deltaincom” information technology center (CIT “Deltaincom”) there is information system “Deltabezopasnost” designed to decisions making for the purpose of economic security in a user-company. Among developments of our company there is CRM-system “DeltaCRM”. This system is intended for sales managers and serves for operating efficiency enhancement of sales department and increase in sales and profit (CRM – from English “Customers Relationship Management System”). In CIT “Deltaincom” there are experts having high experience in software outsourcing, computer service rendering (IT-outsourcing), consulting and system integration. Since 2008 CIT “Deltaincom” has been being an official dealer of FGUP “Primary scientific computing center of the Federal tax service of the Russian Federation” (GNIVTS FNS of Russia). GNIVTS FNS of Russia produces a number of useful software basically connected with enterprises interaction with regulatory bodies representing the state (for example, with the Federal tax service). The high voltage research institute (NII VN, Tomsk) is a partner of CIT “Deltaincom” – it is one of the leaders in the laboratory information systems market. The main development is “Laboratory information system “Khimik-analitik”, designed for business-processes automatization taking place in analytical (testing) laboratory, including within-laboratory control (VLK).

Group of companies “Deltaincom”:

History of group of companies “Deltaincom” began more than 10 years ago.

According to the statistics, 95% of newly established commercial enterprises close in the very first year of their operating. The next 4% of companies close during the next 4 years. And just 1% of survived ones become one of the leaders. The history confirms that fact that we belong to this most successful one percent! Not everyone is able to get ahead of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions (worldwide) of enterprises that already do not exist at the moment. Reality will show what happens next, but we are sure in our great future, as we set challenging goals and reach them in a short span of time! And the Company’s history confirms that. Here are main periods of our history:

In March, 2006, “LLC “Tatinset” was established, which was engaged in electronic document management systems implementation (electronic tax returns via the Internet). The basic information system is “Astral Otchet” (in partnership with ZAO “Kaluga Astral”). In 2008 founders change took place. In March, 2008, a sole proprietorship “Tsentr informatsionnykh tekhnologiy “Deltaincom” was opened that was engaged in software developing and implementation.

In July, 22, 2008 a sole proprietorship was reorganized into LLC “Tsentr informatsionnykh tekhnologiy “Deltaincom”, and in August there was a signed agreement on partnership with a leader-developer of home laboratory software – the High voltage research institute (Tomsk) and the first signed agreement on laboratory information system “Khimik-analitik” implementation in “Gazprom transgaz Kazan” (“Tattransgaz”). Also, in August there was a signed agreement on partnership with FGUP “Primary scientific computing center of the Federal tax service of the Russian Federation” (GNIVTS FNS of Russia), the main software developer for the Federal tax service of Russia.

In the fall of 2008 the Russian GNIVTS FNS commercial products hard promotion started on the Republic of Tatarstan (RT) market and considerable achievements were made (in the midst of crisis in Russia!): the following famous and credible organizations became our customers: Ministry of Construction and Housing and utilities sector, the Tatarstan customs, Russian consumer protection agency Rospotrebnadzor, road oversight Avtodornadzor, the Federal bailiff service, the Federal property management agency Rosimushchestvo by Republic of Tatarstan, Public prosecution of Mari El Republic and others. During 2009-2010 the Company was successfully operating in the information technology market of Republic of Tatarstan: it was rendering IT-outsourcing service (computer service) to organizations, software implementation and developing service, and was also extensively and successfully promoting its ready-made solutions and partners’ solutions.

Between 2010 and 2012 the company was successfully operating in the market of business partners checking systems and economic security provision not only in Republic of Tatarstan, but also in many other regions of Russia through the representative network.

In 2012 version 2.0 of the “DeltaBezopasnost” system was released that became absolutely new and much more effective solution in comparison with its previous version.

Between 2012 and 2017 thousands of enterprises all over the country became customers of the “Deltaincom” company.

In 2018 the completely new, third version of the “DeltaBezopasnost” system was released.

Our mission:

Information systems developing for helping people make right decisions.

Results of labor conditions special assessment

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