Are your suppliers,
customers and partners TRUSTWORTHY?
Yes! If to CHECK them thoroughly
Our databases
contain everything
on your Business partners
System for business partners checking “DeltaBezopasnost”
Are your suppliers, customers and partners (business partners) TRUSTWORTHY? Yes… if to CHECK them thoroughly. Now you have such an opportunity!. Learn the system for business partners checking for 10-15 minutes.
Provide your company with protection against fraudsters
Do it in a quick and easy way with the help of “DeltaBezopasnost” system. Just enter the name of the company you are interested in, its INN, OGRN, address or phone number. If you need to check a definite person, please specify his/her last name, first name, patronymic name or INN. And then – just press the only one button.
Find out what your partners keep out of your eye
Elaborate information on financial standing, if there are debts, signs of enterprise bankruptcy, court practice, signs of a short-lived company and many other points.
Detect fraudsters incredibly easily
All this information on your suppliers, customers and other partners is collected in one place and available by a mouse click. Just learn the obtained information and make conclusions: on supplier’s reliability or unreliability, its financial standing, good business practice of a director and founders. The system will point towards what you should pay attention to and if some difficulties it will put you on the right track of a business partner checking.
Consult our experts
The “DeltaBezopasnost” system can make its own conclusions on business partners automatically and present them to you thanks to vast experience gained by its developer – the “Deltaincom” company. But that is not the issue. A big number of people use the “DeltaBezopasnost” system, moreover simultaneously. And many of these people are experts in their profession. Each of numerous users of the “DeltaBezopasnost” system can give own grade to this or that business partner, and this knowledge on business partners is accumulated in the system. Thus, the system contains the most valuable knowledge database on business partners, obtained thanks to gained experience of dozens of people. What is more, each of them, including you, can put a question to all our user community and consult an expert for sure!
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