Computer service (IT-outsourcing)
Discover amazing opportunities of subscription services for computers and programs in your company:
1. Get effective computer experts at your full disposal.
2. Make your day, getting rid of “computer” problems.
3. Help your enterprise operate effectively under any conditions.
It is common knowledge that qualified computer experts demand for high salary, that is why it is too expensive for an enterprise to hire them. But you should NOT hire them! It is much cheaper to invite experts from our company and pay them just for the performed work in fact, but not for on-the-job “chair warming”. Full-time computer experts will bring you less use, but more expenses! Our experts, vice versa, will bring you much more use and substantially less expenses. Contact us, and we will prove it and provide guarantees as well. It is time to cut corners on “computer” expenditures! Concentrate on the business itself. Computers and programs are our care! Every enterprise having computer equipment and software needs to have those experts at its disposal that would provide their uninterrupted operation, upgrading or would give birth to new software programs. A lot of companies have such experts on a full-time basis, who perform all this work. However, to keep programmers and IT administrators is inefficient and overpriced. Firstly, these experts are not always wanted. Consequently, they simply idle, take care of things not belonging to their duties or have a side job meeting orders of outside companies for a price. Secondly, a really qualified, technically competent and effective expert demands for high salary. Thirdly, it is often the case that full-time experts perform their duties not quite efficiently due to incompetence or heavy workload. Extra staff hiring comes too expensive for the enterprise. There is a way out of such a situation. Our company, specializing in computer technology exactly and already having well-paid, technically competent and effective experts on staff, is ready to “share” these experts with your enterprise, that is offer you their service at a very attractive price for you. The cost of this service may either depend on work scope or you just pay some monthly subscription fee. Herewith, the performed work volume may be compared to that performed by a whole IT-department of your company. Even if you already have such a department, we could give it effectual help. If your workload is usually not heavy, then you pay just “peanuts” for our service. Therewith, ordering our service, you do not pay appropriate salary taxes (personal income tax, unified social tax and so on), as you do not hire any computer expert, and all services are rendered by experts of our company. What is more, often such orders reduce customer’s tax base, because the paid money refers to company’s expenditures.
Why are we able to render such usually expensive services at a low price?
Firstly, our experts do nothing else when meeting your order and work until deliver on the intended outcome. That is you pay just for the performed work in fact, but not for aimless “chair warming” at the office, as it often occurs in case with full-time experts. Secondly, our experts have high work experience and often know already in advance what to do, the same cannot be said for many full-time experts, who need preparatory training, that is why they spend too much time on operational commitment. It is often the case that even if an enterprise already has a contract for information technology service with any other company or physical person, these services are being rendered poorly and out of time. Unfortunately, we are familiar with such cases. Our experts are never “over busy”, they do not know the word “there is no time”, as opposed to employees of many other companies. Our policy makes provision that we always have free experts ready to complete your tasks at any business time and respond to the workplace as promptly as possible.
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