Do you want to improve
sales department efficiency?
Give your managers
an excellent tool!
Boost your sales volume rapidly
You will boost sales volume of goods and services in your company. And not just due to more efficient work of your managers. Or due to improvement in the quality of your production. Or due to lightning speed of decision making. Although the above mentioned is reasonable as well. The main reason is a splendid arrangement of sales working process. Our Sales generator will do that with your minimal participation.
Effect sales incredibly easily
Sales generator will steer the work of every sales manager in the right direction. It will point towards what and when to do. Will remind of important events and help remember everything you had with customers in the past.
Get the ready-made customer base of all enterprises in Russia
The sales generator base contains information on all companies and individual entrepreneurs registered in Russia. Moreover, information on financial standing, kinds of activity, contact data, a director and founders. If desired you will be able to form your own customer base easily, at that including both companies and physical entities.
Find the customers you need immediately
You will be able to find a prospective customer upon many criteria: financial standing, location, kinds of activity and so on. And data on those customers you already cooperate with will be always available by a mouse click as well.
Create any document easily
Draw bills, invoices, contracts, consignments and other documents on customers not taking care of paperwork. Sales generator will do that for you.
Protect your company against fraudsters. In other words, against unreliable business partners (customers, suppliers and partners).
Do it in a quick and easy way with the help of “DeltaBezopasnost” system. Just enter the name of the company you are interested in, its INN, OGRN, address or phone number. If you need to check a definite person, please specify his/her last name, first name, patronymic name or INN. And then – just press the only one button.
Manage sales, influence the process
Sales generator will form a convenient sales report for you upon request. The report will help you make right decisions.