Why CIT “Deltaincom”?
For a long period of work in the market of the Republic of Tatarstan we have gained a considerable experience in the sphere of economic security. We use the best equipment only, having no equals anywhere in the world, - the RIF polygraph. We cooperate with competent experts only, including those having work experience in security agencies.
What are lie detector tests for?
Do it in a quick and easy way with the help of “DeltaBezopasnost” system. Just enter the name of the company you are interested in, its INN, OGRN, address or phone number. If you need to check a definite person, please specify his/her last name, first name, patronymic name or INN. And then – just press the only one button.
What are lie detector tests for?
We are convinced that everyone wants the truth. There are real-world specific examples where polygraph (lie detector) testing service will be definitely necessary.
For legal entities*
Secures from bribes:
The electric machinery plant “Elektro-resurs” regularly faced the facts of corrupt business practices among plant’s supply agents. After conclusion of contract with CIT Deltaincom for periodic polygraph testing of employees the risks of corrupt business practices were kept to a minimum, as the plant’s employees are sure that eventually any offence will be definitely detected
Helps when recruiting:
A trading company LLC “Mercury” has been running a business for more than twenty years. The analysis of company’s experience indicated that main problems in the sphere of economic security were connected with new employees hiring. Thus, there were cases of hiring drug- and alcohol-addicted people. Especially dangerous cases were connected with corrupt business practices with current employees and hiring people that conducted “espionage” activity on business rivals. Now LLC “Mercury” successfully cooperates with CIT “Deltaincom” for making a decision on job applicants hiring
Secures from theft:
A construction company LLC “PromStroy” is a big contractor in own city. The company faced grand embezzlement of the expensive construction equipment at the company’s construction site. In the course of investigation by polygraph it became clear that embezzlement had been arranged by the company’s current employee with criminal records.
Helps to keep commercial secret and secure from unfair practice on the part of employees and business rivals:
LLC “Developer-Soft” company is engaged in software development. Company’s plans concerning a new product launch were disrupted, as business rivals were ahead. A polygraph investigation indicated that leakage of information on plans and product codes was arranged by the company’s ex-programmer that had sold information to business rivals. The programmer was put on probation what became a preventive measure for current employees of the company
Helps to avoid mistakes when recruiting for important positions:
An investment company “FinInvest” was picking an employee for a portfolio manager position. When such a job applicant with considerable experience in the sphere of finance was found, he underwent a polygraph testing. The testing detected applicant’s outstanding conviction on fraud.
For physical entities*
Helps to detect adultery:
Mr. Ivanov started to receive calls with information that his wife Mrs. Ivanova was unfaithful to him with his colleague. The received information brought discord into the family. A polygraph testing helped to regain domestic peace in the Ivanovs family, as the information received by the husband was claimed to be slanderous.
Helps to detect problems with drugs:
In the well-to-do Vlasovs family parents noticed irregular behavior of their son. Their son veered round in behavior, he began to come home late. A polygraph testing traced a connection between their son and a suspicious group of people and detected the fact that the son took up the drug habit. Timely measures taken by the head of the family helped to solve the problem at the early stage before it got worse.
Secures from theft:
In the multi-child family of Iliny after the eldest son’s birthday celebrating with a lot of guests a great sum of money disappeared. A polygraph testing helped to identify a perpetrator. It turned out to be the youngest son of the family.
Helps to detect criminal ties:
In the family of Biryukov living in the bedroom suburb of the city the parents determined that their daughter was keeping a suspicious group of people. A polygraph identified this group to be a local criminal organization. To break these criminal ties the parents decided to go to live in a different city.
Helps to recover honor, dignity and business reputation:
In anticipation of macro contract business rivals of Barinov’s company set a rumor with the use of black PR approach that Barinov had doubtful reputation and often cheated his business partners. Barinov recovered his reputation by a polygraph testing.
*Company names are changed
**Full names of natural persons are changed
Type of service and pricing
Complex testing of a job applicant when hiring and dismissing
Periodic testing of current employees that took a polygraph before
Testing when running agency checks in response to official violations
Testing when running agency checks in response to official violations
*Price for 1 testing in rubles