How to boost efficiency
of laboratory workers?
How to enhance
experiment reliability?
The answer is simple:
a laboratory!
CIT “Deltaincom” brings to your notice the software “Laboratory information management system “Khimik-analitik” (LIUS “Khimik-analitik”) and “Laboratory information system “Khimik-analitik” (LIS “Khimik-analitik”).
LIUS “Khimik-analitik
“Khimik-analitik” proved to be successful: the software product is introduced and being successfully used by more than 120 laboratories throughout the country that have already opted for solutions offered by us. LIUS “Khimik-analitik” is intended for time and money substantial saving at any enterprise that has own laboratories.
Automated document management of an analytical laboratory for the purpose of within-laboratory control.
Quality test of expired chemical agents according to RMG 59-2003 (MI 2600-2000) and PND F 12.10.1-2000.
Calibration characteristics calculation according to RMG 54-2003 (MI 2345-95) and MU 6/113-30-19-83, and also calibration curve stability control.
Input and storage of initial information on an enterprise, its departments, laboratories, engineering units, tapping points, monitoring test sites, test methods being used, check algorithms.
Arrangement of test procedures prompt control according to MI 2335 (RMG 76).
Electronic laboratory registers keeping (for the purpose of within-laboratory control) with checking the acceptability of controlled parameters determinations of work samples according to GOST R ISO 5725 or with control of check determinations repeatability according to MI 2335 (RMG 76).
The system comprises basic options for an analytical laboratory and provides automatization of the following business-processes:
Input and storage of initial information on an enterprise and its departments, engineering units, laboratories, monitoring sites, lots of production, quality standards, test methods being used, check points and so on;
Electronic laboratory registers keeping with metrological processing and measurement results control;
Import (export) of necessary data to (from) other ERP subsystem and MES systems;
Internal control of measurement results quality (within-laboratory control according to GOST R ISO 5725-2002, MI 2335-2003);
Keeping of electronic registers for equipment, utensils, chemical agents record, solution preparation, calculation of test methods quality indicators, calibration curves parameters and other special registers;
Automated document management of an analytical laboratory, documents storage;
Arrangement of laboratory quality management system;
LIUS “Khimik-analitik” lets process measurement results for any test objects (raw stuff, materials, intermediate and finished products, sanitary and hygienic parameters, environmental samples and so on). LIUS may be used not only in analytical laboratories, but also in other structural units of an industrial enterprise, such as quality control departments, quality management services, environmental protection departments, production engineering departments, service desks, business processes and units central control rooms.
LIS “Khimik-analitik”
For laboratories interested in internal control of test results quality only according to MI 2335-2003 and GOST R ISO 5725-6-2002 there may be presented a highly specialized “packaged” variant: “Laboratory information system “Khimik-analitik” for within-laboratory control” (LIS “Khimik-analitik” for within-laboratory control). This software product is much cheaper than LIUS, what is quite crucial for not large companies. One of the advantages of this development in comparison to foreign and domestic equivalents is the fullest implementation of Russian regulatory requirements concerning laboratory metrological activity. It is confirmed by the certificate of compliance with requirements MI 2335-2003, GOST R ISO 5725-2002, RMG 54-2003, MU 6/113-30-19-83 and RMG 60-200325 (issued by FGUP “the Ural research institute of metrology” as of March, 25, 2005)
LIS “Khimik-analitik” is introduced in the following enterprises on the territory of the Russian Federation: LLC “Tyumentransgaz” (in 38 laboratories), OJSC “TNK-Nizhnevartovsk”, LLC “Yamburggazodobycha”, OJSC “Tomskneft”, ZAO “Sobolinoe”, OJSC “Samotlorneftegaz”, LLC “Kirishinefteorgsintez”, OJSC “Orenburgneft”, OJSC “Koks” (in Kemerovo-city), OJSC “Magnitogorskiy metallurgicheskiy kombinat”, OJSC “Nizhnetagilskiy metallurgicheskiy kombinat”, OJSC “Krasnoyarskenergo” (in 8 laboratories), OJSC “Verkhnetagilskaya GRES”, OJSC “Nizhnevartovskaya GRES”, FGUP “Angarskiy elektrolizno-khimicheskiy kombinat” and others, totally more than 120 laboratories in Russia! Software install, training, support and helpdesk concerning software using are guaranteed. We are also ready to give a possibility to try our software products for free, prove their efficiency and guarantee a high quality. We may provide you the opportunity of cost cutting due to discounts and time gaining, and also acquaint you with feedback on the part of enterprises that introduced this software and economic justification of software install.